What if I don't know what immunizations my child needs?

As our children get older, we know how difficult it can be to keep track of their immunization history and current needs.  Below is a summary of the recommendations. 
Recommended immunizations for children ages 11 years-18 years:
  • DtaP booster (protects against diptheria, tetanus and pertussis).  This is for those who have already completed the recommended childhood vaccination series.
  • Meningococcal (Menactra brand. Protects against some strains of a particularly dangerous bacteria that causes meningitis)
  • For girls:  HPV (Gardasil brand. Protects against cervical cancer).  This is a series of 3 shots given at particular intervals.
  • Annual influenza
In addition to the above, for this age group to be current on all vaccine recommendations they should have had in their lifetime:
  • A total of 2 MMR vaccines
  • A total of 2 Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccines or history of having the disease
  • A total of 3 Hep B
  • A total of 2 Hep A
  • A total of 4 IPV (Polio)

Our offices are happy to administer immunizations.  Please contact our office for an appointment and be sure to bring your complete records.

If your child is uninsured, our local County Clinics provide vaccines at a low cost.  Contact the Nevada County Public Health Office at (530) 582-7814 for an appointment or the Placer County Clinic located at 8665 Salmon Ave in Kings Beach accepts walk-ins on Fridays 8am-11am and 1-3pm.

Click the links below for more information on required immunizations: